Each lure uses the finest materials available. Extensive research went into sourcing and selecting the best resins, skirts, shell veneer, and rigging components. Our products are indented to last a lifetime in the harshest of marine environment. Unlike many other lures on the market, we use highest quality industrial grade clear urethane resin avialable. Our lures will never yellow, crack or chip.

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Daisy Chain

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If you are fishing for pelagic fish theses daisy chains are a must have for anglers. Don’t let the small size fool you, these lure catch big fish!Chain includes 3x Closer Micro and 1x Hit Man Micro and single pocket back as shown in pictures. Lures are connected with mono line and a cable trace hook set on the last lure. Colors may vary, if you would like specific colors please note that at checkout.  If would would like different lures in your chain- let us know and we can make that for you as well.

We recommend pulling the daisy chains from your outriggers. The high angle of attack combined with clean water outside of the prop wash produces a fish attractor like no other.


Mahi, Pink, Purple Black


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