Each lure uses the finest materials available. Extensive research went into sourcing and selecting the best resins, skirts, shell veneer, and rigging components. Our products are indented to last a lifetime in the harshest of marine environment. Unlike many other lures on the market, we use highest quality industrial grade clear urethane resin avialable. Our lures will never yellow, crack or chip.

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Chubby chaser

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This classic plunger is a must have in every spread. When run from a rigger position the Chubby Chaser mimics a distressed bait fish struggling to keep up with the larger/healthier baits in  your spread.  The angled face causes the Chubby Chaser to dart and dive beneath the surface while occasionally skimming the surface as a flying fish would. The combination of this lure’s erratic action and proper spread placement will result in a dynamite combination no game fish could resist.


Head Shape Total Length Total Weight Head Length Head Diameter
Slant Face 9″-10″ 4.2 oz. 1.5″ 1.1″
Rigging Options

Unrigged (Lure Only), Single 8/0 SS Hook, 250 lbs Mono Only: (+$13.00), Single 8/0 SS Hook, 250 lbs Mono With Cable Trace (+$17.00)


Blue Black, Blue Yellow, Ice Blue Pink, Purple Pink, Red Black, White Blue


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